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Order your Carpet Samples online now! Samples are $1.00 each. Call Today for your custom quote.

There are two ways that this page can help you find a carpet sample. First, if you search by color, our product page will show you the carpets that match your choice. If you want to see all carpet samples, scroll past the search options.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, give us a call at 541-779-2922 and ask about our carpet inventory, or stop by our store at 171 Ehrman Way, Medford, Oregon (click for Google Maps).

Located in Medford Oregon, Dave’s Carpet and Vinyl Liquidators is committed to meeting your flooring needs as a home or business owner. Choosing the right kind of flooring for any building is an important part of the process. If done correctly, the right flooring in a space brings everything together. While carpet may be a little more difficult to clean and maintain, the comfort that it provides far surpasses any other flooring types. It’s also the best flooring choice if you want your space to be quiet. This is because carpet will help absorb sound waves instead of reflecting them like other types of floors. With our years of experience, we can help you make the right decision about what kind of carpet would be best for you. We stock several different styles and colors, which you can see above. Whether you’re re-carpeting a room, or planning out a new business space, we can help.